Children, who have received body treatments, often become relaxed by the touch, sometimes fall asleep during the treatments or need to sleep after arriving home.

It is important to loosen malfunctions as early in life as possible. People attempt to compensate elsewhere in the body, thereby perhaps laying a foundation for ailment later in adult life.

Almost all children usually need to have tension in the whole body released in order for them to better achieve lasting improvement. Some of the worries which parents address are:

  • Premature children
  • Repeated inflammation of the middle ear
  • Reflux (excessive regurgitation)
  • Colic, digestive disorder
  • Excessive weeping, dissatisfaction and indisposition
  • Children who seem sad and suffer from lack of energy
  • Stomach ache and headache
  • Symptoms in the muscular-skeleton system similar to adults
  • Learning disability
  • Asymmetric cranium appeared during pregnancy, birth or following months